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I want to restore Ohio's Promise by placing focus on economic opportunity, expanded health care & access, support for Ohio's public schools & higher education and safety for Ohio's families. I will fight to restore Ohio's Promise through the following initiatives: 

  • Develop opportunities in 21st century industries, like high-tech and green energy

  • Support small businesses and entrepreneurs who are critical to our local economy

  • Fight for full restoration of Local Government Funds to the communities of my district to ensure communities can offer services including local Police, Fire, Recreation and Senior Services

  • Protect Lake Erie and Ohio's natural resources through legislation which allows for local bans on plastic bags, promoting renewable energy and restricting farm run-off into waterways

  • Promote equality, inclusion and equity in Ohio's communities and workplaces, including at the Statehouse itself


  • Promote legislation, funding and programs for services such as opioid abuse prevention and recovery services, safe elder care, affordable prescription drugs, improving infant and maternal health

  • Fight for the restoration of full reproductive health care access and protections

  • Work to make health care and prescription medication affordable for every stage of life


  • Support public schools and teachers by introducing and promoting reforms to school funding and school report card rankings

  • Promote reductions in the high-stakes testing load on students and teachers to allow teachers to focus on academic and counseling resources to improve student success and mental health vs. testing and administration

  • Promote steps toward offering quality pre-K in all public schools to improve student performance in later years

  • Propose programs to reduce college debt by allowing students to serve Ohio communities to earn college tuition and loan repayment

  • Promote high school and adult workforce training for in-demand fields with good pay like skilled trades, nursing, high-tech and green manufacturing


  • Improve safety for Ohio families by fighting for proven, widely supported, common-sense gun legislation like requiring background checks for all gun purchases and implementing red flag laws for individuals who pose an imminent threat to themselves and others

  • Fight against current state funding of Buckeye Firearms Association, an organization that promotes arming our teachers

  • Restore bans on carrying concealed firearms into day cares, bars and campuses

  • Promote stronger protections for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault


I also want to hear from YOU. What do you care about? 

What do you care about in our community?