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"Each of us has a responsibility to participate in the democratic process to the greatest extent possible to ensure that the process remains healthy."
- Monique Smith

I served in Ohio's 134th General Assembly as the State Representative for Ohio's 16th House District. My passion for public service came out of my belief that we all do better when we work together to create solutions for our community. 

My legislative priorities included working to protect and expand access to quality health care, invest in public schools, make college more affordable for everyday Ohioans, and invest in job training and other pro-worker initiatives to grow wages and expand opportunity for working people right here in Ohio.

Representing and working for the good people of Ohio House District 16 was a privilege. It is my hope that I'll have the opportunity to serve my community again in the future. 

- Monique

Meet Monique

Meet Monique

Monique’s concern for her community comes from having experienced tough challenges growing up. As a daughter of a single mother, her family struggled to overcome issues like threats to safety and stability caused by domestic violence, doing full-time work without a living wage or health insurance and difficulty finding affordable, high-quality childcare and housing in areas with good schools. 

Thanks to perseverance and access to resources and opportunities, Monique is committed to advocating for her community. That is why Monique advocates for policies and investments that support:


  • High quality public schools and affordable state colleges

  • Expanded job training and economic opportunities here in Ohio 

  • Full access to quality health care, including reproductive care and
    mental health care 


  • Safe communities and eliminating gun violence

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